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For Hummous Lovers Everywhere's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in For Hummous Lovers Everywhere's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
8:15 pm
Hi there!
I bloody LOVE hummous! It's yummy, and actually quite good for you too, assuming you go easy on the olive oil. I adore it in all its forms, but normally settle for whatever supermarket brand I can find *blush* I would go for the homemade option, but never seem to have the time... Mmmm, this is making me hungry, but I have maths revision to do :(

How about the rest of you? (all two of you :)) Which brands, recipes etc? Let's get a convo going!
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
4:00 pm
What a great (if small) community! I like my hummous spread on oatckes with thin slices of Chorizo on top, mmmmmmmmmmm...... *dribbles down chin*

n.b like the clow avatar :)
Friday, November 15th, 2002
7:41 pm
Hummous Community
Finally, a community has been created for lovers and consumers of hummous, to compare and contrast their love and consummation of hummous. Of course, it's likely to stray off topic from time to time... nevertheless, we must never forget why we're here - to celebrate hummous in all its forms.


Current Mood: accomplished
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